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++ Women block bridge in Bosnia-Herzegovina for over a year to protect their river ++ New attempt by the investor to vacate the bridge has been successfully fended off ++ Documentary on resistance against dams in the Balkans now available on iTunes ++

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A major court victory has been won by the Brave Women of Kruščica, a group of activists protecting their river from the threat of dam construction. The competent court in BiH this week ruled that the environmental permit for dam construction should be annulled immediately, meaning that any further construction work on the proposed dam is illegal.

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Once again, Blue Heart partner Center for Environment and the entire Coalition for the River Sana gathered at the source of the river and protested against the destruction of the river. The blame goes to the Austrian-German Kelag company, which were responsible for building the horrifically destructive Medna powerplant.

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The Beginning of the End of the Sana River

Despite all opposition, the hydropower project Medna on the Sana river in Bosnia and Herzegovina is about to be opened. This marks the beginning of the end of this extraordinary and valuable river. The destruction of the Sana – one of the last remaining rivers with healthy Huchen populations – is carried out by Austrian-German company Kelag. Our Blue Heart partners in BiH – Center for Environment – have been fighting this project from the start.

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NO to HPPs on Vrbas!

The Vrbas is one of the last remaining rivers providing habitat to the critically endangered ‘tiger of rivers’ – the Huchen. The construction of further HPPs on the river would put this species even more at risk as well as endangering the water supply for residents of Banjaluka. Our Blue Heart partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Center for Environment – are fighting projects, which would destroy the Vrbas once and for all. Read their latest press release!

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In September, Patagonia took a group of “Change Makers” to the Balkan to explore the stunning rivers, learn about the threats they are facing and what we do to save them. Today, we present to you the first outcome of this trip: a short video about the rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, produced by Grégory Mignard from the “Captain Yvon Association”. Enjoy!

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River protectors in BiH forcibly removed from defending their river

The brave citizens of Kruščica in Bosnia and Herzegovina are determined to defend their river against HPP developments, literally, as they tried to prevent developers moving their equipment to the projected site. On August 24, riot police violently removed peaceful anti-hydropower protesters who were standing up for their right to drinking water and healthy environment, causing serious injury to several people.

Bankwatch: Where has all the water gone?

The Vjosa is by far not the only river in Albania threatened by hydropower. At the Qarishte river in central Albania, residents are faced with the dire consequences of the Rapuni dam. Read this webstory by CEE Bankwatch Network.

Bankwatch: Locals oppose dam endangering critical fish habitat in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Gun United Pump Hi Women's Nude Fold Read below Bankwatch's blog post about local opposition against a dam on the Vrbas in Bosnia-Herzegovina that, if build, would further devastate already endangered fish habitat. This river stretch is also a critical habitat for the endangered and protected Huchen, a fish species particularly vulnerable to dam construction.

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Taking matters into hand: this 14-meter girl is smashing the already broken and obsolete dam on the Bašćica River in Bosina and Herzegovina with a hammer. For days this picture has been circulating in social media, leaving people to wonder who was behind this ingenious protest action. On Tuesday, the Coalition for the Protection of Rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has lifted the mystery.

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